Tag Along Carts, custom built trailers for golf carts, are quickly becoming the “must-have” accessory for golf courses, communities, resorts, and businesses!

Why sacrifice seating for your cooler or golf clubs?

Our trailers are professionally?engineered and crafted, and come in a variety of configurations, as well as have a wide?assortment of colors and accessories available.

Contact contact Tag Along Carts at 727-631-5806 or?info@tagalongcarts.com.


? Solid, Tubular Steel Construction
? Powder Coated Frame Matched
to Your Color Scheme
? Leaf Spring Suspension
? Custom Color Upholstery Available
? Embroidery Available
? DoubleTake Tops – UV Resistant
Roof with Color Choice
? Chrome or Black Diamond Plate Floor
? Single Seat
? Double Seat
? Double Forward Seat


? Hitch Step
? Hitch Cooler Carrier
? Custom Wheels
? Golf Club Carrier
? Arm Rests
? Multi Color Seats
? Rally Seats
? Fishing Rod Holders
? Cargo Net
? Hitch for Trailer Back

Looking for something more? Just Ask!

We will do our best to ensure that your Tag Along Cart is made EXACTLY to your specifications and vision!

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